Ina Farrelly

Meet Ina, who is standing for Trustee election

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I am a health professional with decades of experience in the NHS and other public health systems. I spent 5 years working at Accelerate leading on mobility as it relates to wound care and lymphoedema. But in truth, I worked with the team for 20 years as I was the podiatrist on the team before they spun out of the NHS. I have always been a fan of inclusive disruption which is the promotion of positive radical change by us all. As a coalface health worker, I know that we need teams like the Society to provide power to us with education and relationship building, and a vision of how we can do things better in trying times.

I have first-hand experience with siloed healthcare and its impact on both patients and clinicians none of which is positive. I am passionate about the Society’s mission to educate and build strong pathways to improve our way of delivering healthcare. I have been proud and excited by the work that the Society has done. As a Trustee, I have been fortunate to contribute to the new website, developing and refining the strategy and being a busy worker bee as and when required by the Society. Should I be re-elected I will continue to support other initiatives I have been involved in such as the Associate Forum and the Skin Care Champions programme.