ConvaTec’s 4th Professional Development Course to be launched at TVS 2017 – The Conference!

ConvaTec drive for excellence in anticipating and addressing  customers’ needs with advanced technologies and best-in-class products and services.

The Medical Affairs function at ConvaTec is about more than just education. They recognise that amongst current challenges being faced by Tissue Viability services is the drive for efficiency savings whilst ensuring effective quality care, hence ConvaTec’s aim is to provide an array of value-adding services tailored specifically to the needs of clinicians working within the wound care arena.

ConvaTec take pride in supporting Clinicians to develop and raise their professional profile.  Combining activities with peer reviewed external conferences is undoubtedly the way forward whereby skills, experiences and resources are pooled to share a commitment to successful delivery of efficient services and high-quality standards of care that meet the healthcare demands of the 21st century.

This will be the fourth year during the TVS Conference that ConvaTec launch their Professional Development Course consisting of “soft-skill” leadership modules, supporting the production of a clinical poster & using a leadership psychometric to underpin the leadership development of the delegates.

The TVS Board of Trustees thank ConvaTec and its team for including the TVS Conference in their valuable programme.

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