EPUAP Scholarship Award Winner Announced

Willeke Traa – Very many congratulations! You are the first TVS member to be awarded a scholarship to attend EPUAP 2014 in Stockholm.

“During my master in biomedical engineering I focussed on modelling the development of pressure ulcers in a rat model with a finite element model. For my PhD I want to change my focus to a clinical problem: the early detection of deep tissue injury (DTI). Detecting DTI in an early stage is crucial to prevent the evolution of tissue damage from the deeper tissue layers to the skin surface, where it will become visible as a grade III or IV pressure ulcer. Early detection will decrease recovery time and costs considerably. Multiple factors which play a role in the development of DTI are covered in this year’s EPUAP meeting”.

If you are attending the conference, come along and say hello to the Trustees on the TVS stand.

Well done Willeke – we look forward to hearing all about the conference on your return!