EPUAP Scholarship Winner had a wonderful experience!

Willeke Traa was the lucky winner of a scholarship to EPUAP 2014 which was held in Stockholm, Sweden.  Here is her report…

“First, I would like to thank the Tissue Viability Society for providing me the opportunity to attend the 17th Annual meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) by awarding me the EPUAP scholarship. It was the first conference I visited during my PhD and I found it incredibly useful.

I experienced a highly inspirational atmosphere at the conference with lots of networking. Leading experts clearly presented the current knowledge on the aetiology of pressure ulcers and with enormous enthusiasm. The presentation of Ronny Persson was especially captivating and he demonstrated very effectively, by sharing his personal experience, that pressure ulcers do not only harm the body but have a great effect on the mind as well. It was a moving and motivating speech.

A broad range of disciplines were represented during the paper sessions of this conference. This provided an excellent overview of the research that is currently done. I wish I could have split myself in two, or even more, to be able to hear more speakers present their work. The paper sessions gave me the opportunity to hear the newest insights  of others working in my field as well as to look outside of the scope of my own research. It was fascinating to see the variety of approaches taken by different disciplines to solve the problem of pressure ulcers.

During my PhD I am going to translate preclinical work to a clinical setting. Therefore, it is very important for me to get out of the academic setting and talk to people working in the clinic. This conference gave me the opportunity to discuss my research with clinicians and their feedback was very valuable. I am very happy to report that one of those discussion even led to a possible collaboration.

One last thing I would like to note about the conference is that I observed a passion and devotion in every participant I have talked to. This was inspirational and I consider this truly remarkable. Once again I would like to thank the Tissue Viability Society for this wonderful experience”.