EWMA Cooperating Organisations Workshop abstract submission date extended

The Cooperating Organisations Board of EWMA would like to encourage TVS members once more to submit an abstract for the Cooperating Organisations Workshop, which will take place at the EWMA London conference on Thursday 14 May 10.00–11.00 am.

This session has over the latest two years proved its value as a forum for sharing and debate about the development of activities across Europe among Cooperating Organisations.

The Board has received a few abstracts for the 2015 session, and they thank the submitters for these, however, there is room for a couple more.  Therefore the submission deadline has been postponed until Friday 6th February.

Content of abstracts and presentations may, amongst others, include:

  • Wound care activities which have made a change in your country;
  • Presentation of opportunities and challenges within the organisation of wound care which you would like to share and discuss with other national wound care associations;
  • Presentation of projects or research ideas which you would like to invite other national wound care associations to collaborate on;

Abstracts should be of maximum 250 words and submitted to the EWMA secretariat at mfa@ewma.org