EWMA publish Managing Wounds As A Team

EWMA are proud to announce that the new Position Document Managing Wounds As a Team is now published.

The document is available for free download from the Journal of Wound Care website using this link:

The authors will present the document in a dedicated key session at the EWMA-GNEAUP Conference 2014, 15 May, 16.55-17.55.

The objective of this publication is to provide recommendations for implementing a team approach to wound care within all clinical settings and through this to develop a model for advocating the team approach towards decision makers at national government levels. The project was jointly initiated and realised by the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC-USA), the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) and EWMA and, as such, the document provides a truly global perspective on the interdisciplinary team approach. 

Proactive Dissemination
EWMA hope that the launch of the document is not the end but the beginning! It provides a platform from which EWMA can build targeted messages for different stakeholders, including patients, health professionals, policy makers, politicians, industry and hospital administrators.

EWMA takes this commitment seriously and, besides forthcoming conference presentations, it aims to give the document a long, meaningful life. That’s why EWMA would welcome TVS members contacting them with ideas and requests for (local) dissemination of the document and ways to publicise it.

Interested in translating the document?
If your organisation would like to translate and publish the document in other national languages, you are kindly asked to contact the EWMA Secretariat.