Final Report for 2018-2019 for the Medical Device and Vulnerable Skin NetworkPLUS

Welcome to fifth and final Annual Report for 2018-2019 for the Medical Device and Vulnerable Skin NetworkPLUS (MDVSNPLUS). The global aim of the MDVSNPLUS – Intelligent sensing to promote self-management – was designed to bring disruptive technologies to the medical device market to promote sustainable evolution and long-term healthcare improvements.

Over the NetworkPLUS period, we have funded 14 external projects (~£280k), partnering with colleagues from over 30 academic, industrial and clinical disciplines to improve device design. This has involved a range of applications involving respiratory masks, support surfaces, prosthetic sockets for amputees and penile clamps for incontinent men.

Working in close collaboration with the industrial partners has ensured that our research is, and will continue to be, translated into safe and effective devices. We have also engaged with clinicians, including organising a regular session at the Annual UK Tissue Viability conference to highlight issues including reporting of medical device-related tissue damage.

Our research findings have been used by industrial partners to evaluate develop new medical devices which safely interface with patent’s skin and our work has influenced the guidelines produced by the European, US and Pan-Pacific Panels (EPUAP/NPUAP/PPPIA). The document includes explicit recommendations and guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment that are used all over the world.

We are delighted to confirm that some of our innovative research will be continued in the recent award from a 2020 EU Innovative Training Networks (ITN) Call. This will involve working with international academic and industrial partners who have already been established within MDVSNPLUS

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