More great feedback from one of our Scholarship Winners

Molly Connolly really enjoyed our 2014 conference which was one of our best conferences ever! She said:

‘I was very honoured to be a recipient of the undergraduate scholarship to attend the TVS Conference in York. This has not only allowed me to reflect on my own practice but also to learn from my peers and other professionals.

As a final year undergraduate student, it helped form a better understanding of research and the role in disseminating research. In addition, the two days provided informative lectures which provoked discussions and gave insight into future research and roles in wound care.  The workshops on clinical practice, such as the lightweight heel bandaging for DFUs, were insightful and practical. In addition, talking about other professionals’ experience and journeys in tissue viability allowed me to gain insight into tissue viability as a future career.

I enjoyed meeting other professionals and companies in the conference – it was a great opportunity to network and discover some new innovations on the market. Also, the Italian themed dinner was great fun.

I intend to share my experience with my fellow peers and with my mentors via a small presentation. Reflection upon this experience has allowed me to gain confidence and to develop ways to improve not only patient experience but also developing my own knowledge throughout my career.

Thank you for sharing this opportunity with students like myself to attend this event. I appreciated your wonderful hospitality and I look forward to attending the conference again next year.

Thank you very much.’

Molly Connolly, winner of TVS Scholarship to TVS 2014 – The Conference