Healthcare Improvement Scotland – Autumn Update

Since the last newsletter, in Spring 2017, three patient versions of the asthma guideline (for adults, for children and asthma in pregnancy) and the cardiac rehab patient booklet have been launched.  All printed patient versions are free to residents living in Scotland, or can be downloaded for free from the SIGN website patient involvement page – click here.

Click here to download a copy of the Autumn newsletter

There is also the SIGN Patient and Public Involvement page on Facebook that you can “Like” to get further information and post information from your organisation.

Finally, if you know anyone who may be interested in joining the SIGN Network, the network functions ‘virtually’; by sending emails and letters rather than meeting as a physical group (although members may occasionally be invited to attend SIGN events).  The SIGN network has four main purposes:

  • to assist with identifying individuals and organisations that can work with SIGN on specific projects (e.g. nominating patient representatives);
  • to identify patient and carer issues of concern in relation to guideline topics;
  • to act as a consultative body e.g. peer review of patient information leaflets; and
  • to raise awareness of SIGN, e.g. by advertising relevant SIGN events such as National Meetings to members of the public.

The online form can be found here