JWC 9th National Wound Care Conference

This year’s CPD certified conference is being held in London the 4th March and brings together experts in the field of tissue viability to discuss the central issues and practical management in wound care.

The 9th National Wound Care Conference will offer:

  • Innovations in our understanding and treatment of the lower limb, by Ian Chetter, Chair of Surgery, Hull York Medical School
  • New insights into the causes of pressure ulceration and radical developments in assessment, talk by Professor Amit Gefen, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv University
  • Management of burns, with focus on pathophysiology, treatment options and referral pathways, by Kristina Stiles, Network Lead Nurse/Burn Care Advisor
  • CRO, CPE – emerging superbugs: how will they affect wound care? By Professor Val Edward-Jones, Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Revalidation – with opportunity to put your questions to the NMC
  • Providing wound care in a GP setting, by Sharon Bateman, Nurse Practitioner Specialist in Tissue Viability
  • Promoting patient self-care
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults in tissue viability, by Karen Ousey, Reader in Advancing Clinical Practice, University of Huddersfield
  • Collaborative working between a surgeon and a TVN, by Mike Salter, Consultant General Surgeon and Helen Sanderson, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, Southend

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