Launch of Unique Wound Care Clinic on Harley Street

On the 8th of September 2015, The London Wound Clinic positioned  on the famous Harley Street, officially opened its doors to offer pain-free, non-invasive therapy for a wide variety of wounds.  This clinic will help treat patients who have been suffering with long-term pain and have probably lost any hope of further treatment options that will improve their quality of life.

The London Wound Clinic will give patients access to the BRH-A2, a CE marked, innovative and unique system that is a first of its kind.  It draws upon devices that have been around for a century, namely ultrasound and electro stimulation, but it is not until now that they have been combined to aid the healing of previously chronic and hard to heal wounds with very little, or even no side effects.

For more information please call 020 8201 8500 or click here