NHS Clinical Evaluation Team – Wound Care Product Review

The NHS Clinical Evaluation Team have now completed national stakeholder events around the country.  This involved asking clinicians for the quality features and criteria of the products required for clinical practice, in order that products can be evaluated.  These stakeholder events gave a great insight into what is and isn’t important in terms of the product features, with specialist nurses, generalist nurses and some allied health professionals amongst those that attended.

The outcome of these events will lead to develop a features/criteria tool, where products can be compared against a standard rather than each other.  For many products this has been sufficient for the team to develop the tool; however, for the wound care products, it is essential that specialist knowledge is gained to develop and validate this criteria.

The wound care product groups under review are:

  • Gelling Fiber Dressings
  • Film Dressings, and Film Dressings with Island
  • Non-Sting Skin Barrier Films
  • Medical Adhesive Paper Tape, Plastic impermeable, Plastic impermeable perforated

The NHS Clinical Evaluation team are attending the following regional Tissue Viability events where members of the groups will be in attendance.

  • Pan Avon Tissue Viability, Bristol, 6th September at 12.00 noon
  • East of England Tissue Viability Network, Cambridge , 19th October, TTBC

In addition, the CET are hosting an event on the Royal Derby Hospital on the 30th September at 1230.

Are you holding a regional Tissue Viability event?  Then why not invite the CET to host a meeting in your Trust/organisation?

Availability is limited but the team would relish the opportunity to engage directly with you, if you have a proposed date please get in touch!

Please note: Places are limited for the events, and we request that only clinicians providing NHS services register using their NHS.net e-mail address

Finally, should you not able to attend/host an event but are interested in being involved, a webinar session can be arranged.

To book places, host an event, arrange a webinar or for further information, please email the CET direct on clinical.evaluationteam@nhs.net