NHS Supply Chain – Disposable and Washable Continence Care Survey

NHS Supply Chain: Rehabilitation, Disabled Services, Women’s Health and Associated Consumables would like to invite you to take part in this survey to inform about what qualities you require within the product range listed below to help you deliver effective patient care.

  • Fixation pants for use with pads – with and without legs (single patient use) *
  • Pads for use with fixation pants – rectangular, male and shaped pads – adults (disposable)
  • Absorbent pull up pants / all in one pads / belted pads –  adult (disposable)
  • Nappies and pull up nappies – infant and paediatric (disposable)
  • Disposable bed protection sheets
  • Washable products including pull up pants and sheets
  • Procedure pads (often referred to as underpads) recycled and virgin fluff options *
  • Home delivery service (HDS)

*Nationally Contracted Products (NCPs)

This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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