NICE Guidelines Programme and COVID-19

Here is an update on how NICE is working to support the NHS and wider health and care sector at this challenging time, and to provide more details on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their normal ways of working.

During this period of emergency, NICE has adapted its priorities to support the NHS, local authorities and the wider health and social care sector to tackle COVID-19. They will only publish guidance that is therapeutically critical or focused on COVID-19-related issues.

The stakeholders and advisory committees involved in the development of their guidelines include a large number of frontline staff. They know that the priority in this crisis is caring for patients. They do not want to draw them away from this vital work.

For this reason, all guideline committee meetings are cancelled and they will not be publishing any draft or final guidelines until further notice (except for COVID-19 rapid guidelines – see separate news item).

At present they are not able to confirm the revised timelines for each guideline and will be in touch to provide further information as soon as possible. For more information in the meantime, please click here