A Practical Guide to Eliminating Avoidable Heel Pressure Ulcers

The Practical Guide to Eliminating Avoidable Heel Pressure Ulcers is being chaired by Tina Chambers, Vice Chair of the Tissue Viability Society, and focuses on a practical guide to eliminating heel pressure ulcers and will take place on

Wednesday 10th February 2016 at

Hallam Conference Centre, LONDON

Included in the programme will be National updates and practical case studies focussing on:

• Reducing avoidable heel pressure ulcers

• Changing practice in the early detection of heel pressure ulcers

• Undertaking effective Heel Checks

• React to Red: Communicating heel pressure ulcer prevention

• Vascular assessment of heel pressure ulcers

• Predictors of Healing in Heel Pressure Ulcers

• Multidisciplinary management of heel pressure ulcers

• Learning from RCA investigations relating to heel pressure ulcers

• Managing heel pressure ulcers in the community

TVS members have been offered 5 FREE places to attend this conference. If you are interested in attending email us now by clicking here and filling in your contact details and quoting HCEHEEL to apply for a free place. Free places will be awarded to members of the TVS on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on this conference please click here.