Pressure Ulcers: Avoidable or Unavoidable or More Complex Than That?

Of the many clinical issues confronting tissue viability/wound care, few can be more important than the avoidability, or otherwise, of pressure ulcers (PUs) in all settings. Currently, we lack the answers to many key questions surrounding avoidable vs. non‐avoidable pressure ulcers. Non-specialist nurses, carers, patients and their families are even less well‐informed about these issues.

For example, what is an avoidable pressure ulcer? What is not avoidable, even given ‘best care’ and equipment? What differences, if any, apply in primary care from those in the acute sector? What are the legal ramifications of PU development?

Professors Richard White and Keith Cutting are committed to addressing these important questions. To begin the process of clarification, they would like to determine European wound specialist clinicians’ understanding of the current situation and identify the level of awareness and beliefs on avoidable vs. non-avoidable PUs. To assist them in this process TVS members are kindly asked to complete a short survey the results of which will be shared with you in the near future.

Please submit only ONE response each to this on-line survey. Submission deadline is 17th April 2014.

Please access the survey here: