TVS WUWHS Sponsored Place Winner, Clare Greenwood, reports on her time in Florence

Clare Greenwood was one of the TVS sponsored place winners to attend the 5th Conference of WUWHS 2016 in Florence.  Here’s what she said about the experience…

“I was one of three TVS members awarded with Sponsorship to attend the 5th World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) conference in Florence, Italy from 25th-29th September 2016.

Not only is this conference truly worldwide, with delegates from across the globe, but they were also from a wide range of specialities and clinical backgrounds, including nurses, podiatrists, surgeons and dermatologists to researchers.

There were a number of familiar faces/names presenting at the conference that have presented at TVS or published in the Journal of Tissue Viability over the years. Amit Gefan was talking about deep tissue injuries and cell deformation; including a nice analogy of how muscles become softer and more susceptible to the effects of pressure when they aren’t used, such as in immobile patients (like a nice tender steak where the fat mixes with the muscle). There was a session on medical device related pressure ulcers with speakers including Joyce Black and Dan Bader; with Joyce’s research showing that device related pressure ulcers account for up to one third of all pressure ulcers in an acute care setting. Jan Kottner presented about microclimate in pressure ulcer prevention which seems to be a big topic at the moment.  He also did a separate session about incontinence associate dermatitis (IAD) along with Dimitri Beeckman who presented a Cochrane systematic review for the management of IAD. It was emphasised that there is still a lack of research evidence available for the treatment or management of IAD; there was insufficient good quality evidence to recommend one product over another, but the main message was that soap and water performed poorly against all comparisons”

Click here to download the pdf and read Clare’s full report