Reflections on EWMA conference 2014

Sarah Charlton, the TVS’s EWMA 2014 scholarship winner, writes:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tissue Viability Society for awarding me the EWMA scholarship; I was delighted to accept it as it is a real honour.

Attending an international conference and meeting delegates from across Europe, who work in diverse settings and health economies, enabled me to share ideas and discuss challenges we face in our clinical practice. This opportunity is invaluable as it provides a breadth of experience, different perspectives and ideas that cannot necessarily be replicated at domestic conferences. 

Exploring the exhibition hall was beneficial. Working with wound care companies is an essential part of complex wound management; the various exhibits provided the opportunity to look at new and innovative ways of delivering patient care. As a result I will consider evaluating a heel lift device and a pressure relieving mattress, both of which are not currently used within South East Essex. 

The conference enabled me to update my knowledge on current trends in wound management. The variety of keynote sessions and symposia provide a depth and breadth of information some of which can be translated into clinical practice in the community setting. If I had not attended the conference I would not have had access to this information, which could impact on delivery of patient care locally within South Essex Partnership trust. 

Within my role as a Tissue Viability Nurse, I developed a poster in the style of a jigsaw to support community nurses in selecting appropriate pressure-relieving equipment. The poster was designed to share knowledge with the nurses to ensure equipment selection was evidence-based and appropriate for the patient’s needs. Equipment requests were inconsistent and existing information did not address issues around appropriate selection. The short presentation was well received by those present. 

I would once again like to thank the Tissue Viability Society for providing me with this excellent opportunity.”