Skills for Health Competency Framework (PRESSURE DAMAGE) – Your feedback please!


Thames Valley Knowledge Team working with a specialist group of practitioners, identified that awareness of potential damage to people’s skin is relevant to many people; in a wide range of settings, because initial damage to skin can be caused by small incidents, for example when helping someone to move, or when helping a person to wash.

With the aim of helping to reduce the risk of skin and pressure damage for those in need of care, it was decided to develop a Competency Framework locally with a number of experts from various services. These competencies have been linked to and supported by National Occupational Standards (NOS). By linking this work to NOS it allows the work developed to be used nationally to help provide information and to support the development of education and training for those with service user contact. The local competency framework developed may also be utilised by other localities as appropriate.

How you can help…


We are asking the Tissue Viability Society to consider the work completed to date and to feed back on the appropriateness of the supplied document to support this draft National Competency Framework, following consultation with its members. Please consider the following two questions:

1. Is the language used appropriate across all settings?
2. Is the document clinically accurate and valid?


We would ask you to consider the document.  Click here to provide your comments

Closing date is the 8th December 2014