Urgo Medical announces British Skin Foundation Certification of Wound Care dressings and Compression products

We have always taken clinical research seriously at Urgo, and we work every day to improve the outcomes in wound care and compression therapy across the UK. Achieving this recognition from the British Skin Foundation helps to communicate our dedication and passion to our NHS partners and clinicians.

Justin Cole, Urgo Medical’s UK managing director

The company’s innovations include a unique state-of-the-art, skin-friendly healing matrix called technology lipido colloid (TLC), which helps to stimulate cells responsible for tissue repair. Urgo Medical has also managed to combine this technology with a special sugar saccharide (nano-oligosaccharide factor [NOSF]), which can help to accelerate wound healing.

Urgo Medical’s range includes the TLC and Start (NOSF) dressings, which along with its compression bandaging (KTwo) and compression hosiery (AltiMed), are available on prescription.

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