Industry education sessions brought to you by the Society of Tissue Viability – Pressure Ulcers

Educational sessions specifically for people working in industry who want to refresh/upgrade their knowledge of skin health and wound management


It’s estimated that just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least one pressure ulcer in any given year. These wounds cause pain and suffering and impact significantly on a person’s quality of life. The financial impact to the NHS is approximately £2.2 billion a year and the costs of litigation is rising annually.

Who’s the Fundamentals of Pressure Ulcer Care suitable for?

These half day ‘Fundamental sessions’ are for any person working in the medical devices/pharmaceutical industry who:

  • Has an interest in refreshing their knowledge of pressure ulcer care and management – perhaps after a break
  • Has just joined the wound care sector and needs some basic knowledge of pressure ulcer care and management
  • Has moved into a role where they are now required to have some basic knowledge of pressure ulcer care and management

Learning objectives

By the end of the pressure ulcer session, delegates will:-

    • Be able to recognise the common risk factors for developing pressure ulcers
    • Be able to carry out a robust risk assessment using a SKINS bundle
    • Be able to recognise moisture associated skin damage (MASD) and know how to prevent and manage this condition
    • Be able to recognise the different categories of pressure ulceration
    • Know what needs to be included in a pressure ulcer prevention plan
    • Have a better understanding about the equipment that can be used to prevent pressure ulcers

Keynote Speakers

Sarah Gardner, SoTV Trustee

Sarah Gardner

Independent Tissue Viability Consultant

Wound Matters

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