Our purpose

Our brand shows our members, community and friends what we care about, why we exist and our ambition for the future

About the Society of Tissue Viability

The way we work is every bit as important as what we do. We’re proud to be a totally independent charity that has its members and patients at its heart.

Our purpose

We use the power of collaborative thinking and action to solve skin and wound challenges.

Positioning statement / strapline

Solving skin and wound challenges together.

What we do

We build community. We create spaces where professional connections are made, ideas are shared and collaborative action happens.

We share expertise. We platform the best new thinking and practices in skin health and wound healing, and make sure it reaches the people it needs to.

We create change-makers. We turn interest into expertise and give professionals the support they need to make change happen in skin health and wound healing.

What we stand for

We are collaborators. We believe that skin health and wound healing is everyone’s business and that change happens when we work together, not in silos.

We are change-makers. We turn ideas into action that changes the way skin health and wound healing is thought about and delivered.

We are crusaders. We are passionate about solving skin and wound challenges and we work to get more people engaged and excited about the possibilities for it.

We are a clean pair of hands. We are led by science and evidence and we never do or endorse anything that we don’t trust or believe in.

Our personality – this is not external facing

Bold. Confident language and statements, facts and evidence. Not trying to be be everything to everyone. Bold use of colour, photography and illustration to show and build upon ideas.

Contemporary. Fresh ways of talking about the subject –. eg ‘solving skin & wound challenges’ not ‘wound prevention & management’, alongside a look and feel that feels ready for the future / not trendy but considered and thoughtful. A way of visually setting us apart from our peers so it’s clear who we are.

Clear. Only when everyone understands the problem can change really happen. Communications should be simple and effective with a solid focus. Visually, plenty of clear space / not cluttered