Being a member of the TVS is an amazing resource for any practising clinician!


My name is Connie Traynor and I am a Tissue Viability/Plastics Nurse working in the independent sector: BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow.

I have been a nurse for 39 years and a Tissue Viability Nurse for the past 12 years and have therefore seen many changes during this time.

Why join the TVS?

The TVS is an exceptional charity that is passionate about high quality of care keeping the focus on holistic patient centred care managing to concentrate on what matters.  The TVS website gives lots of information including how to attend conferences and also information regarding educational grants.

Being a member of the TVS is an amazing resource for any practicing clinician!

Becoming a member of the TVS

I joined the Tissue Viability Society whilst studying for an MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair at Cardiff University and as a member of the Society I found that the resources were invaluable.

More recently I am thrilled to have become a Trustee of the TVS. It is so inspiring to work with people who have a passion and commitment to wound healing and prevention.


For the TVS to have representation from all four nations, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland gives a unique opportunity to share news and information regarding all the high quality work that takes place across the UK.  It is encouraging to realise that nationally the same problems creep into our practice.  Access to training and education being high on the list of priorities throughout the UK.  It is essential to find ways of supporting evidence based prevention and wound care strategies to support good practice and education.

Why attend #TVS2019 in Southampton?

The TVS conference on the 1, 2 May is shaping up to be one of the best.  We have a varied amount of high quality speakers lined up for you.  I am particularly looking forward to having an update on ‘Legs Matter – A Year On’ – as this campaign really has captured the Nation. We also have a fabulous industry exhibition and you can view our industry partners by clicking here

This is one conference you cannot afford to miss! Looking forward to seeing you all in Southampton!