Strangers, Friends & Family – Helping Key Workers during COVID-19!

Read the latest blog from Linda Primmer, TVS Chair & Community TVN, on strangers, family and friends helping key workers during COVID-19

I am sure, like me, you have been amazed by the generous support the British public has demonstrated for key workers across the UK during this challenging time.

Within my immediate ‘wee world’ in Edinburgh alone, the following remarkable quiet acts of generosity have been exhibited by family, friends and strangers from across the UK.

‘Laser Kate’ (Instagram @_laser.kate_) from Kent (Teacher, mum & handicrafter extraordinaire)

Kate has been cutting away with her laser plane to make these great wee mask extender gadgets using a template from a designer in the USA who has generously made the design open access/free to use. Click here to find out more.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw how SKIN INTEGRITY and COMFORT is aided when wearing masks that hook behind the ear – friction, shear and pressure are easily prevented. Colleagues constantly remark how they help prevent ‘sore ears’ and keep the mask from slipping off their nose and mouth. Being made from acrylic they can be wiped with / soaked in cleansing solutions.

Alice (Instagram @craftedbyalice) from Plymouth (A talented illustrator, seamstress, knitter & my niece)

Alice has been busy making pretty face coverings & wash bags enabling contaminated uniforms to be transported more easily to the wash. You can pop the bag with the uniform inside directly in the washing machine @60o. Material has been donated in the form of old duvets, sheets etc. Alison Hustwitt from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire has generously donated 5m of colourful dress fabric purchased by her late mother but sadly never used. All material is washed @60o pre and post sewing.

Privileged to share an office with these great Community Nurses at Bonnyrigg Surgery Midlothian who adore the wash bags!

Helen from Margate, Kent (Laser Kate’s mum & retired Technology Teacher)

Helen has been using her sewing talents to make valuable scrubs, gowns and wash bags for key workers in Margate, Kent @margatescrubbershub  click here to find out more.

Lynda Brown from Fife (Total stranger)

It was a total joy to receive this delightful bag of goodies from Lynda, a total stranger. The mango hand cream is an amazing scented treat for frequently washed dry hands!

A BIG ‘Shout Out’ & Thank you to ALL unsung heroes who have generously donated to help key workers across the UK at this time