Educational Endorsement

Making sure the best new thinking and practices in skin health and wound healing reach more people

A core part of our mission is to make sure that the best new thinking and practices in skin health and wound healing reaches the people it needs to. Educational endorsement is a big part of this.

We’re proud to work with our industry partners and other not-for-profit organisation to help bring more, high quality, independent education to people with an interest in skin health and wound healing.

It means we can share our expertise, thoughts and ideas as clinicians and educators with our industry partners and not-for-profit organisations – and help raise the standard of skin health and wound care education across the UK.

Why choose our educational endorsement?

We are the only UK charity to offer endorsement specifically for wound care and skin health and all education undergoes rigorous assessment before being endorsed. We are led by science and evidence, and we never do or endorse anything that we don’t trust or believe in.

Getting our stamp of approval is confirmation that your course or module meets the high standards we are known for. Once endorsed, you can use the Society Education Endorsement logo on relevant materials. Our endorsement lasts for 2 years, with an opportunity to renew at a reduced cost.

How it works

We endorse different types of education such as:
• Online courses or modules
• Face to face study days and courses

Any education that we consider endorsing undergoes an initial screening process to see whether it’s suitable for our endorsement – the whole endorsement process typically takes four weeks from application to a final decision.

How much does it cost?
Education Endorsement costs start from £3,000 for commercial organisations and £1,500 for not-for-profit organisations. A quote will be provided upon sight of the application form and the size and complexity of the course or module.

How long does it last?
Education Endorsement lasts for 2 years. At the end of that time, you will have the opportunity to renew your endorsement or discontinue it.

What is the application process?
An application form must be completed by the organisation requesting the endorsement.

Not sure if your initiative would benefit from endorsement?

Email us directly or call us to find out more 07860 926404

If you have education that you think is right for our endorsement, get in touch with us to talk about the application process

You're in good company... current education endorsement has been awarded to: