Hannah Fulton

Meet Hannah, who is standing for Trustee election

Role/Job Title

Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse


Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Brief CV

I am registered as an SPQ DN as well as working as a Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse. Being a Society trustee would be an excellent opportunity to develop my knowledge and consolidate extended skills outside of the NHS, while still engaging with the discipline that I am so passionate about.

I promote effective collaborative working, whether this is between patient groups becoming active partners in their care or with members of the wider multi-disciplinary team. I have developed strong working relationships with other specialist teams, which have lead to the designing of a multi-disciplinary training session for the assessment and management of the lower limb.

I have excellent interpersonal skills and am inclusive, honest and respectful. My interest surrounds management of the lower limb. I advocate for quality evidence-based care and deliver effective training sessions locally, to empower colleagues to strive for quality care and develop confident decision making.

I have experience working with Industry partners and have been able to develop effective working relationships. I am well versed in delivering training and public speaking.