Julie Hewish

Meet Julie, who is standing for Trustee election

Role/Job Title

Senior Programme Manager/Clinical Tissue Viability Lead – Transforming Wound Care Programme


Health Innovation Oxford and Thames Valley

Brief CV

With over 12 years within the tissue viability specialism, my experience spans across higher education, acute and community, and the private hospital sector. My current role is working as a senior programme manager and national TV lead for the Transforming Wound Care programme within the NHSE commissioned Health Innovation Network (HIN). Within the programme we successfully set up 8 dedicated lower limb services within England all of which demonstrated positive impacts to patient outcomes, operational structures and the NHS working culture. This has also made positive impacts within the Core20Plus5 and Netzero agendas.

Like a stick of rock, tissue viability runs right the way through me! However, if pushed, my main interests lie within lower limb ulceration, dermatology, workforce development and lobbying the agenda for service/policy change to improve the outcomes of our patient population with skin integrity issues and wounds. I am also an advocate for co-working with those who have lived experience of wounds and promoting this as vital towards shaping effective pathways of care and independence.

My current role is one of transformation, focusing on supporting NHS organisations to adopt the National Wound Care Strategy Programme’s standards into practice. This opens opportunities to work at a practice-based level as well as with national strategy teams.

I am currently a co-opted member of the SoTV Board’s Collaborations group and have recently volunteered to become deputy chair when the time arises. My existing role can offer the Society opportunities for collaborative projects and building networks with industry partners, charity partners and NHS ICB members. This can help shape the landscape of national policy and bring about positive impacts for our patients. I have a good understanding of NHS networks and business analytics and from within the HIN, I can offer a wealth of expertise from the business, academia, and value-based partnership perspectives. I am keen to continue my journey with this amazing team, recognising the importance of the work the Society does as well as the prospects of personal and professional development opportunities with esteemed colleagues.

Representing the Society at both EWMA and the Primary Care Conference was a proud moment as I witnessed the positive impact the team have on a day to day basis both for clinicians and business partners. It just made me feel more that my role as a Trustee was so very much valued and influential.

I can offer time and an abundance of energy to raising the profile of the Society and collaborative partners as well as making a positive contribution towards the projects arising within the sub-groups as well as the wider Society agenda. I would also proactively seek opportunities to expand the profile of the Society as well as potential project streams.