Luxmi Dhoonmoon

Meet Luxmi, who is standing for Trustee election

Role/Job Title

Nurse Consultant Tissue Viability


London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Brief CV

I have been a TVN for 18 years now with both community and acute experiences. During my 18 years I have been privileged to work with some amazing clinicians and shared best practice both nationally and internationally. It has been an immense pleasure to work with the wider team to deliver clinical and personal experiences in wound care globally.

I am keen to address inequity in wound care and currently focusing my studies in empowering the wider workforce to ensure wound care is not seen as a tedious task but a satisfactory journey where our patients lead the outcomes to improve their life. I am delivering wound care and tissue viability sessions with 2nd year university students at Brunel to ensure they have a better understanding of the basics and deliver good care in practice.

The reason for joining the SoTV Board of Trustees is to enable me to continue the journey of working with other specialists and to make a difference in wound care and education locally, nationally and globally. I will be grateful for the opportunity to be a team player with the wider network to raise further awareness and interest in our field of expertise.