New wound care standards being developed

The PRSB have been commissioned by the National Wound Care Strategy Programme to develop an information standard for wound care to support the adoption of best practices in wound care

The National Wound Care Strategy Programme is addressing the unwarranted variation in UK wound care services, underuse of evidence-based practices and overuse of ineffective practices, to improve wound care healing and prevention for people and use NHS resources more efficiently. There is currently no recognised standard for a generic information record that can support the delivery of wound care (including assessment, management, maintenance and prevention), so PRSB has been commissioned to produce a wound care information standard to support the adoption of best practices in wound care.

The focus is on wound care for lower limb, leg and foot wounds, pressure ulcers and surgical wounds. It includes assessment, management, maintenance and prevention. It is UK-wide and applies across all health and care settings.

To support the development of the standard three multidisciplinary workshops are being held throughout September. Details of the workshops and registration links are below:

6 September 2022 – Pressure ulcers

8 September 2022 – Surgical wound care

14 September 2022 – Lower leg and foot wound care