A NEW YEAR PANTOMIME: Time to put your best foot forward

Welcome to the first Chair’s blog for 2018 written by the Tissue Viability Society Vice Chair, Heidi Sandoz



Cinderella, the NHS lonely daughter who provides wound care/tissue viability services, was feeling despondent at the end of 2017. For decades she had been trying to expand her service to ensure all patients who needed her could have access to her. She reflected back to 2012 when pressure ulcers became a hot potato for the NHS and how positive she had felt then. This was going to be the moment where finally tissue viability could influence agenda and the NHS governing bodies would see sense in providing access to specialist services for those living with a wound.


“This is it” she said. “This is our moment”.

“Oh no it isn’t” said the Ugly Stepmother “instead I am going to keep you in your tiny, dark office counting pressure ulcers, reporting on pressure ulcers and running around looking at bottoms to work out the cause and category of damage”.

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