Can you envisage a world without skin tears?

That’s the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel’s vision

Skin tears affect all ages and continue to be a common problem in all health care settings. They are often painful, acute wounds resulting from trauma to the skin, and are largely preventable.

​The International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) and the Society of Tissue Viability formed a partnership in July 2021 to raise awareness about the prevention and management of skin tears and skin breakdown and the value that each organization brings to the global healthcare setting. We are delighted that the Society of Tissue Viability are supporting our World Without Skin Tears Day on the 27 April 2023 which coincides with the second day of the Society’s conference in Peterborough.

What are we doing for the World Without Skin Tears Day?

We are hosting a webinar on the 27 April 1-6pm. Supported by our corporate partners and international official partners, this free event will include a programme of experts from all continents who will present on the latest education related to skin tears.

Event Programme

The programme is as follows:

  • A live discussion between Fiona Wood, (Burns Surgeon, Australia) and Ray Samuriwo (United Kingdom) regarding the management of skin tears in vulnerable populations.

Followed by a series of recorded presentations about:

  • The importance of moisturisation to prevent skin tears (Keryln Carville, Australia)
  • Considerations of skin tear management in developing countries (Harikrishna Ragavan Nair, Malaysia)
  • Preventing infection in skin tears (Karen Ousey, United Kingdom and Kim LeBlanc, Canada)
  • At risk skin and the work of the Coalition for At Risk Skin (CARS) (Ruth Bryant and Diane Krasner, USA)
  • Dressing selection for skin tears (Kevin Woo, Canada)
  • A discussion of how the aSKKINg bundle can be applied to skin tears (Jacqui Fletcher, United Kingdom).

The webinar sessions will be available as on-demand recordings after the event (registration required), so please enjoy Day 2 of the Society of Tissue Viability’s conference safe in the knowledge that you can access ISTAPs webinar at a later point in time.

Please consider supporting our vision of a world without skin tears by becoming a member, it’s free!

ISTAP A World without skin tears webinar 27 April

Samantha Holloway, President, International Skin Tear Panel