EWMA & Society of Tissue Viability: Congratulations to the winners of the #ProudToMakeADifference contest

A celebration of healthcare workers in wound care

Since January, healthcare professionals across the world have been sharing their stories of why they are proud to make a difference creating awareness of the many everyday people working in wound care. Now, 2 winners of the contest have been chosen.

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and the Society of Tissue Viability are delighted to announce the 2 official winners of the #ProudToMakeADifference contest, which has been unfolding from mid-January to end-March 2024.

Through videos and photographs, healthcare professionals were encouraged to share their stories of why they are proud to make a difference with an opportunity to win a fully paid conference registration to either EWMA 2024 in London, EWMA 2025 in Barcelona, or Society of Tissue Viability’s UK Conference 2025.

Since, social media has been flooded with numerous photos and video contributions #proudtomakeadifference showcasing a tapestry of diverse professions and stories from wound care nurses, therapists, podiatrists, students, doctors, and other specialists.

EWMA and the Society of Tissue Viability are now pleased to recognise the 2 winners as the deserving recipients of this honor.

The winners of the #proudtomakeadifference contest are:

  • Community Wound Care Clinical Lead Jeniffer Thomas, UK
  • Professor of plastic surgery, Virve Koljonen, Finland

Both winners have been contacted and accepted, and Virve Koljonen has decided to pass on her prize to wound care nurse Aino Lipsanen, who helped her with the creation of the video entry submitted to the contest.

On behalf of the judging panel, Society of Tissue Viability trustee Madeleine Flanagan, comments:

“We of course extend a big congratulations to the winners. But we also extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants who shared their stories through photos, video, and text as well as through using the #ProudToMakeADifference hashtag. Your dedication is truly commendable, and it has been fun and meaningful to review the many and diverse reasons you all are proud to work in the field of wound care.”

The full panel consisted of Sarah Gardner, Society of Tissue Viability Chair, Madeleine Flanagan, Society of Tissue Viability Trustee, and Signe Sten Holst, Communications Manager EWMA Secretariat.

The idea behind the contest and awareness campaign came from EWMA President Kirsi Isoherranen.

“Wound care is a speciality  that needs special expertise and attitude. It is at the same time both challenging and rewarding. We felt that individual stories from daily work should be showcased more to encourage us all and keep up the good work.”

To continue advocating and highlighting the role of wound management as a rewarding and important healthcare area is one of the president’s objectives.

Though the contest is over the #proudtomakeadifference hashtag and campaign will continue at the EWMA 2024 conference in London, where the entries of participants will be showcased.

Until then – check out some of the submissions in this Instagram highlight: #proudtomakeadifference