Listen to Trisha Goddard and Lymphoedema Awareness Week

The British Lymphology Society will be on Talk Radio on 5th March to promote Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2022

Patron of the BLS (British Lymphology Society), Trisha Goddard, will host an interview with the BLS’s Rebecca Elwell, talking about raising awareness of Lymphoedema, and looking after your lymphatic system. Tune in on Saturday 5th March at 2pm to hear them.

Trisha Goddard joined the BLS as patron in 2020. Trisha developed lymphoedema in her arm after undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2008, and many fans saw her wearing compression sleeves to match her costumes during her time on Dancing on Ice. Trisha fronts the BLS’s biggest ever awareness campaign, #EveryBodyCan for Lymphoedema Awareness Week, and said ‘I’m so glad to be supporting the BLS and their EveryBodyCan campaign. I’ve kept active throughout my cancer and lymphoedema treatments and I can positively say that it has made all the difference to my mental and physical health. I make sure I wear my compression sleeve when doing anything that will impact my left arm like carrying heavy shopping, weight-training and air travel.”