Want to be a TVS Trustee? Read our February Blog…

Ever thought about becoming a Society of Tissue Viability Trustee?

Linda Primmer is a Community TVN for Edinburgh, East & Midlothian and a TVS Trustee and she shares with us on how believing in yourself, can make a national difference to practice and help improve the lives of the UK population who are at risk of developing or who already have a wound.

Don’t ignore opportunities… This one has YOUR name on it!

The TVS are looking for people to become Trustees with an interest in skin health and wound healing from any profession including:  Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Clinical Researchers, Scientists, Medical Staff, Clinical Lecturers, Nurses and Doctors.

If you want to make a national difference to practice believe in yourself…(like I did)….. & read on…….

We are looking for a person like YOU to be a Trustee for the Tissue Viability Society and help improve the lives of the UK population who are at risk of developing or who already have a wound.

You are never the ‘wrong kind of professional’, ‘too young /inexperienced’ or ‘too old/long in the tooth’ to be an SoTV Trustee. The society requires Trustee’s providing a multifaceted range of experience with passion and drive to improve the quality of lives of those within our population /care /caseloads across the UK. Professionals new to the business of caring bring ‘fresh blood flowing’ with new perspectives, new ideas, past life experience and new ways of working and thinking. Very experienced professionals bring insight, past experiences, great knowledge and skills. Things you are already doing on a daily basis but as a pool of TVS Trustees and with the help of TVS members you can help transform care on a national scale. Really YOU can!

We would particularly like to enlist the expertise of people from all backgrounds with a passion for improving the public’s quality of life by preventing and managing wounds based on the best possible evidenced based care.

I am a Community TVN in Scotland and have been nursing for the past 35 years. My 35 years have been divided between Tissue viability and Burns & Plastics nursing in various units in the UK and Saudi Arabia. Being a Trustee has been thoroughly rewarding and beneficial.

If I can be a Trustee so can YOU !

I have been a Trustee for more than 3 years and it has been great gaining experience from many varied Trustees from across the UK, ordinary practitioners with the same passion for improving people’s lives. It is not every day you have the opportunity to meet and discuss issues informally with leading clinical academic professionals such as Professor Jane Nixon MBE, conducting RCT’s in Tissue Viability from the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Unit, & renowned clinicians such as Maureen Benbow and Carol Dealey

Being a Trustee has given me confidence and helped me to realise that I do have something to contribute. My thoughts are always respected and listened to at Trustee meetings. Being a trustee has been great for my personal development. Never did I think that I could or would Chair a Plastic Surgery Free Paper session at the European Wound Management Association Conference in London and Chair sessions at the Society’s Conference. Being an SoTV Trustee provided me with these opportunities.

Like all extra professional activities you will need to give some of your own time to do trustee ‘work’ such as reply to e mails, provide opinion via e mails, attend telephone & full quarterly meetings. The benefits outweigh the input and may help to progress your career and professional experiences. If you wish there will be opportunities to provide teaching for the SoTV, with the free regional study days they provide. Teaching material is provided and you are reimbursed. Being an SoTV Trustee may make your CV stand out from the rest when you apply for your next promotion!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to learn more about becoming a  Trustee or contact the Tissue Viability Society and talk to a Trustee about this all important role!  We are waiting to hear from you!