Abstract submissions

We want to continue to encourage high quality research and educational papers and support the many healthcare professionals who want to improve clinical practice and share implementation of innovation. We especially welcome first time presenters.

To present your research, case study or product evaluation as a poster or oral presentation, you need to submit an abstract to the conference organising committee by the given deadline, Sunday 5 March 2023. Occasionally, and upon discretion of the committee, submissions may be accepted after the deadline. Your submission will be reviewed by a member of the executive committee and if successful, you will be invited to attend the conference as an oral or poster presenter.


  1. Research  – posters and free paper oral presentations
  2. Quality improvements and service developments or projects – posters and free paper oral presentations
  3. Case study and product evaluation – posters only

Guidance for submission of posters

Your posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference. Time has been set aside during the programme 26-27 April for oral presentations. The exact day and time will be given to the successful presenters in due course.

Please read the following FAQs (frequently asked questions) for creating a successful abstract. You should not feel pressured to follow all these suggestions, as everyone’s style of poster presentation will be different and valid.


What are the quality standards for oral presentations
  1. In addition to the points raised in quality of standards for posters (below), oral presentations should be on topics of substantial potential interest to our delegates. Accepted oral abstracts usually provide new perspectives on tissue viability presented in an innovative way and contain new information and ideas
  2. Case studies describing the use of a single product in the management of a wound will not be accepted
  3. Oral presentations will be given during the programme 26-27 April. The exact day and time will be given to the successful presenter in due course
  4. Oral presentations should be 16:9 ratio in PowerPoint
Why submit a poster to the Society of Tissue Viability?
Posters are a great opportunity to present your work and help bolster your career. We accept contributions from all levels of our community, such as: medical students; specialist nurses; surgeons; podiatrists; health care professionals; primary care; wider multi professional educator community.
What is the general guide for submissions?
  1. Abstract word count is a Maximum of 350 words.
  2. The presenting or lead author must register as an active participant for the full conference at the latest 14 days after acceptance of an abstract. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal of the abstract. Educational Grants are available for free attendance.
  3. Submission can be based on any aspect of Tissue Viability - Research Quality Improvement & Projects Case Study or Product Evaluation
  4. Submissions will be blinded and peer reviewed for their suitability, which is detailed in point 3 above
  5. Content headings for case study or product evaluation abstracts are: Background of clinical issue; Management approach; Outcomes; Conclusions
  6. Content headings for Research and Quality Improvement & Projects are: Background; Methods; Results; Conclusions
  7. Posters containing brand names or company names in the abstract text (ie not in a reference at the end) will not be accepted
  8. Abstracts which have been supported by companies or authored by company personnel will no be considered for oral presentation
  9.  Abstracts which have been supported by companies or authored by qualified company personnel will be considered for posters as long as: The abstract meets the quality standards of the Society of Tissue Viability, see below. And the abstract is of genuine educational value for healthcare professionals and must not contain any promotional claims or branding.
  10. The Society of Tissue Viability reserves the right to reject submissions or to request changes prior to their acceptance. In all such cases the reviewers' decision will be final.
  11. While it is permissible to expand the content of an approved abstract in preparation of a poster, the structure should remain the same. Posters which break any of the rules or quality standards mentioned here will be taken down. Posters which contain product advertising rather than educational content will not be uploaded to the virtual poster platform. If you are at all unsure, please contact hello@societyoftissueviability.org
What are the quality standards for posters?
  1. Single case histories – as a general rule, must focus on a case that is unusual, unique, complex or interesting in and of itself.
  2. Outcome measurements – these should be objective and we recommend that you use accepted instruments and tools. Comments such as: 'the patient felt better / more comfortable' would not be acceptable without more objective results to support your conclusion.
  3. Assessment of new dressings or devices - where possible there should be at least one comparator so the differences in performance can be assessed. Small cohort studies and product evaluations suggesting enhanced product performance without a comparison group will not be accepted
  4. Drawing conclusions – be careful about over stating or drawing conclusions which do not necessarily follow from your data. In such cases it is better to be tentative and make the case for further study.
  5. Content headings – make sure that headings are not just included, but that you give a clear description relevant to each heading.
What are your tips for submission?
Make sure you don’t forget to put the following information on your poster: title, your name, your supervisors’ names (if appropriate), your affiliation and contact details such as your email address and twitter name. Remember that less is more when it comes to poster presentations, so try not to overload your poster with text. Images can be a great way to communicate information and proof points on a poster. Please have a look at some of the example posters presented at previous conferences:
  1. Download example
  2. Download example
  3. Download example
How big should my poster be?
A1 or A0 is the recommended size for a poster. The poster board sizes are 2 metres high by 1 metre wide in a portrait orientation.

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