Beth Howard

Beth Howard BSc, PG Dip, Specialist Dietitian in Burns and Plastics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Beth is a registered dietitian specialising in burns and plastics and a guest lecturer at Birmingham City University.

She has spent the last 12 years working to prevent and treat malnutrition in the acute setting, with a specialist interest in wound healing and tissue viability. She is a peer reviewer for the Scars, Burns and Healing journal.

Presentation at The Society of Tissue Viability 2022 Conference

How nutrition impacts on cellular health


After attending this session, persons will be able to:

  • Describe the nutrients that are essential for human health and normal cell functioning
  • Describe the roles of key nutrients in the maintenance of normal cell function and the wound healing process
  • Understand the importance of nutrition in the maintenance and restoration of skin integrity


Nutrition plays a vital role in the maintenance of cell health. This session will recap eukaryotic cell structure and summarise the key metabolic processes required for human cells to function normally.

The session will cover human nutritional requirements, including macronutrients and essential and conditionally essential micronutrients.

The composition of key cell components, such as the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus, will be reviewed. We will examine the roles specific nutrients play in the synthesis of these cell components.

This session will explore how these nutrients contribute to vital processes such as energy production, cell signalling, protein synthesis, and cell division. There will be a particular emphasis on the contribution each nutrient makes to the wound healing process.