Gabriela Korn

Gabriela Korn, Advanced Specialist Wound Care Nurse, Accelerate CIC

Gabriela has been a Wound Specialist at Accelerate since 2019. Prior to that she worked as a District Nurse then Tissue Viability Nurse in Wandsworth.

She is married with one daughter and she loves to walk her dog, travel abroad and go out with friends.

Workshop at The Society of Tissue Viability 2023 Conference

Advanced lower limb management – an interactive workshop


After attending this session, persons will be able to:

  • Explain the factors that cause complexity in lower limb wounds
  • Identify when complexities mean that standard therapy may not be enough to promote healing
  • Understand the links between mobilty and lower limb wounds
  • Understand some advanced techniques via demonstrations although attendance will not lead to clinical competence in using these techniques


This workshop is designed for practitoners who are already confident and competent with the management of lower limb ulceration and the application of compression therapy.

The interactive workshop will refresh learners on some of the existing principles of effective compression therapy and introduce new knowledge for when ulceration is complex and standard interventions won’t always be effective.

There will be a show case of some advanced techniques as well as the opportunity to experience a practical taster session. Attendance at this workshop will not ensure learners are competent to undertake these techniques in clinical practice, it will however offer a taster of the knowledge and skills that delegates may wish to go on and develop as they advance their practice.