Helen Bevan

Helen Bevan, Professor of Practice for Health and Social Care Service Improvement, Warwick Business School

Helen is a leader of large-scale change, an innovator and an activist in health and care. She is currently Professor of Practice in Health & Care Improvement at Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick (UK); a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (USA); and a Strategic Advisor to England’s National Health Service.  She has spent more than three decades working in the NHS, focusing on large scale transformational change. Helen has led and facilitated many nationwide improvement initiatives in the UK, including those in cancer services, urgent and emergency care, and dementia care and treatment. Helen also acts as an advisor and teacher to leaders of health and care in many other countries around the world.

Helen has an ability to connect directly with thousands of people working at the point of care as well as with people who use services. She is one of the top social influencers in health and care globally, reaching more than a million people each month through her social media connections, virtual presentations, commentaries, and blogs.

Presentation at The SoTV/EWMA 2024 Conference, London

How to rock the boat and stay in it to deliver disruptive change


After attending this session, persons will be able to:

  • Appreciate the thinking, behaviours and practices it takes to “rock the boat and stay in it” to deliver disruptive change
  • Take home some fresh knowledge, models, approaches and frameworks for change
  • Take inspiration and ambition from other change leaders


The theme of this talk is how we create possibility for change when we are part of a system under pressure. In this talk Helen will explore some of the latest ideas, tools, and approaches from leading practitioners of large-scale change around the globe to give us some fresh perspective on our ability to make change happen.

We will reflect on the practical implications and opportunities for our work in a world where the balance between “old power” leadership (positional power and authority) and “new power” (networks, shared purpose, and mobilising for change) is shifting. We will identify how to build our individual and collective power to create change and deliver results in this shifting landscape.