Jan Bowyer

Jan Bowyer, Senior Academic, University of Hertfordshire

Jan is a registered midwife and senior academic at the University of Hertfordshire. She has 30 years’ experience in health care education, during which time she has held a range of posts from programme leadership to academic manager. She has extensive experience of quality assurance, both internal and external, and is committed to enhancing the quality of the student learning experience.

Jan also has recent personal experience of the challenges of coping with a non-healing wound.

Presentation at The SoTV/EWMA 2024 Conference, London

The psychological impact of living with a wound – A personal perspective: walking the dog

Learning objectives

After attending this session, persons will be able to:

  • Appreciate the personal experience of living with a non-healing wound from an individual
  • Identify factors that may contribute to less-than-optimal psychological support for patients with wounds
  • Make recommendations to improve psychological support of people with wounds


This session will share the personal experience of wound healing experienced by Janette Bowyer after sustaining a complex traumatic wound after being bitten by a dog. Jan will discuss her thoughts, feelings and observations of the 6 months it took her wound to heal. The session will facilitate a discussion about factors that should be considered to improve the psychological support of wounded patients and conclude by making recommendations to improve practice.