Joy Tickle

Joy Tickle is a Tissue Viability Nurse consultant, a position she has held for over 27 years. Previously Joy implemented and lead a successful and award-winning tissue viability service within Shropshire and now has the privilege to work with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Tissue Viability Team in implementing a new island wide tissue viability service.

Joy has 37 years’ experience working within the NHS, engaging with various aspects of the discipline whilst retaining her passion and focus on patient wellbeing. Her passion for wound assessment and management fuelled the desire to work within tissue viability and she really enjoys the challenges of tissue viability and treating the variety of patient conditions and wound aetiologies that present.

Joy is passionate about the training and development of the next generation of nurses and is proud to help by sharing her knowledge through publications, lecturing, and presenting, both nationally, internationally, and online..

She has achieved awards in Health and Social Care, Wounds UK Award, Helen Buckle Nursing Award, Dr Steven Hugh Award, BJN Award. Joy was also proud to be a presenter of the BAFTA award winning TV programme Embarrassing Bodies offering specialist advice with regards to all aspects of tissue viability. In 2011 she completed her MSc in Science (Advanced Clinical Practice) much to the relief of  2 sons and partner)