Samantha Rooney

Samantha Rooney, Trustee of the SoTV and Senior Physiotherapist, Neuro Critical Care, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Samantha is a Senior Physiotherapist working in Neuro Critical Care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.She has been working in the specialty of Neurosciences for a number of years. During this time she has developed a significant interest in the pressure and positioning challenges that patients with complex neurological conditions pose. She strongly believe that patients admitted to hospital should not develop preventable issues e.g. pressure ulcers, and where there are specific restrictions that impact on the ability to undertake pressure care, the risk should be identified and minimised as much as possible.

Her interest in pressure care has led her to become the Pressure Care and Preventing Harm Therapy Lead and Co-chair of the Therapy Preventing Harm Group. She has played a significant role in a number of pressure care related workstreams at a departmental and Trust level, working uni-professionally, multi-professionally and collaboratively with other key stakeholders. She’s a key member of the Trust Pressure Ulcer Steering Group, and is currently establishing cross site therapy links for Pressure Care & Prevention since the Trust merger with Heart of England NHS Trust.