The ActivHeal® Academy Higher Tier Modules

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The university-level modules are aimed at supporting Continuing Professional Development and cover a range of topics from basic skin anatomy and physiology through to wound healing and dressing selection.

The five higher tier modules are fully endorsed by the Society of Tissue Viability.

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Module 1: Anatomy & physiology of the skin

To understand how wounds heal, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the skin and the structures that lie within it. ESTIMATED TIME REQUIRED: 60 MINUTES

Module 2: Wound healing

After an injury to the body has occurred, healing of the wound takes place in order to restore the intact barrier provided by the skin. ESTIMATED TIME REQUIRED: 60 MINUTES

Module 3: Patient and wound assessment

This module looks at the important criteria to consider including wound assessment tools to encourage you to critically analyse established wound assessment tools used within the clinical environment. ESTIMATED TIME REQUIRED: 90 MINUTES

Module 4: Wound classification and wound management

This module will look at different wound types and the most frequently used methods by which they are staged and managed. This is meant as a guide and may compel you to look at the research behind your current practice.

Module 5: Dressing selection

As the number of wound care dressings available on the market continues to grow this course looks to ensure that the correct treatment is carried out. ESTIMATED TIME REQUIRED: 90 MINUTES