Waterless bathing: benefits and implementation challenges

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July 2020
Society of Tissue Viability
Multidisciplinary Working
Content types
Video, Webinar

The Speakers

  • Martin Kiernan, Clinical Director, GAMA Healthcare – Martin has worked in infection prevention and control for 30 years in a variety of settings. He is a Visiting Clinical Fellow at the Richard Wells Research Centre at the University of West London, Conjoint Fellow at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales and a Clinical Director of GAMA Healthcare, where he is responsible for clinical research and education.
  • Fran Spratt, Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust – Fran obtained an MSc in Advanced Practice – Tissue Viability from Hertfordshire University in 2011. Her primary focus is to ensure that any patient with a wound has both the best possible management but also experience, which in a hospital setting can be a challenge.
  • Emma Lavelle, Matron, University Hospital Southampton


In association with Gama Healthcare, Fran Spratt; Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, University Hospitals Southampton, and the TVS will be hosting a webinar on the adoption of waterless bathing practices within the Trust. Fran will share her experiences on current bed bathing protocols and explore some of the challenges faced by clinicians and why University Hospitals Southampton opted to adopt a new approach.

The webinar will also benefit from hearing directly from a patient, and how waterless bathing positively affected their outcome. The one-hour event will then conclude with a dedicated Q & A session, allowing you to understand how these changes may benefit you and your Trust.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of identifying a need for change
  • Identify how to plan a change and ensure the improvement objective is accepted
  • To recognise the challenges faced when implementing a change
  • To recognise when and how to change a fixed idea/mindset
  • To understand the steps required to address challenges and overcome them