Are you committed to inclusive wound care consultations with people living with a learning disability?

Join a Legs Matter webinar delivered in partnership with Flen Health


The World Health Organization (WHO) dedicated this year’s World Patient Safety Day, 2023, as the year to elevate the patient’s voice, to engage patient led decision making in healthcare. Compassionate healthcare is dedicated to listening to what matters to patients and families as users of the health and care system. Engaging patients in shared decision making around their health enables a personalised approach and might lead to helping individuals identify and understand their personal responsibilities and commitment towards their health. Legs Matter has raised concerns in the systematic failures in leg and foot care and has built a campaign to uncover the hidden harm crisis in lower limb management.

Content of the webinar

This webinar will look to discuss how clinicians can be inclusive in lower limb wound care for all service users and explores the enablers of a meaningful consultation for those living with a learning disability, and how reasonable adjustments must be made to enable this group of patients to have full involvement in their wound care.

It also raises the alarm that health care providers must advocate for inclusivity and align themselves with the Global Patient Safety Action Plan, 2021-2030 and do more to explore the barriers of inclusive health and social care to prevent either direct or indirect harm.

Who should attend?

  • Community nursing and podiatry teams
  • Tissue Viability and MDTs in lower limb care
  • Primary care teams: GPs, Pharmacists and General Practice Nurses, First Point of Contact Clinicians and Advanced Practitioners
  • Industry partners and supporters
  • Directors of Nursing and AHPs
  • Chief Nurses from ICS
  • NHSE EDI teams
  • Social Prescribers


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