Patients Association Webinar: The Forgotten Majority

The Untold Patient Stories; Shedding the light on the realities of life with a long-term condition

The Patients Association is running a webinar at 9am on Tuesday 21st May following the publication of Future Health’s recent report: The Forgotten Majority*.

This webinar will provide patient experience to bring to life policies and initiatives aimed at addressing gaps in care for people with long-term health conditions.

Five patients will be sharing their personal experiences of living with a long-term health condition, as well as their insights on the importance of addressing the needs of people with long-term health conditions. There will also be a Q&A section. The session will be chaired by Chief Executive Rachel Power.

Through this webinar, the Association are hoping to engage with you and your organisation, in order to encourage necessary political and systemic change ahead of the upcoming election.

You can register for the webinar here

*Abbvie provided arm’s length full funding but has had no influence in the project, or the development of any associated materials.