2022 fundamentals of wound care programme

Our fundamentals of woundcare day is aimed at Students, Care Assistants, General Nurses, Trained Nurses and those returning to clinical practice and wanting to update their knowledge

Whether you’re a student, just embarking on your career or have many years of experience, our fundamentals day is an invaluable way of increasing your knowledge 

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The Fundamentals day aims to give a basic overview of caring for patients skin. If you are a clinician who cares for patients these sessions will provide an overview of the functions of the skin and what to do when this breaks down.

It will look at how to identify risk factors which may cause issues as well as reviewing the principles of normal wound healing.

The sessions will give an overview of wound management strategies that can be utilised to keep the wound moving along the healing continuum.

There are also sessions on the importance of healthy feet and legs and a discussion on the common problems patients face with their lower limbs. Knowing where to go for information and support when caring for patients is essential and the sessions will signpost you to the fantastic resources that are out there for you to access.

After attending this session, persons will be able to:

  • Understand the normal functions of the skin
  • Have an awareness of the risk factors relating to skin breakdown
  • Understand the wound healing process
  • Able to understand management goals and recognise commonly used dressings
  • Have a better understanding of how to keep lower legs and feet healthy and where signpost patients to for relevant resources

Fundamentals of woundcare programme

09:15 – Welcome & Introduction

09:30 – The skin – Janice Bianchi

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Functions of the skin
  • Risk factors for skin breakdown
  • Skin assessment

10:45 Break and opportunity for exhibition viewing

11:30 – Wound Assessment – Fran Norman (was Spratt)

  • Normal wound healing
  • Wound assessment and care planning
  • Factors within the wound bed that affect healing
  • Choosing the right dressing

13:00 – Lunch and opportunity for exhibition viewing 

14:00 – Healthy legs and feet – Amanda Vardy and Carolyn Whitelock

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