Gill’s story

I have seen some fantastic changes and innovations in the last 10 years

Meet Gill, a Podiatrist, Trustee for 10 years and a recent member of the Legs Matter campaign coalition

Gill Sykes Society of Tissue Viability Trustee

Being a trustee as an Allied Health Professional

I am an Advanced Podiatrist who has a passion for tissue viability, particularly in the holistic approach to wound management of the foot and lower limb.

I enjoy the challenge of multi disciplinary working and working alongside all professions for the best outcome.

Why it’s great to be a Trustee

I was nominated all those years ago by a Tissue Viability Nurse who I worked with and have never looked back!

It has opened up many avenues for working with colleagues nationwide, and my input in influencing Multi-Disciplinary Team working both nationally, locally and at our conference as well.

I would recommend being a trustee to all dedicated podiatrists!