Wound pain: can we do better? Webinar supported by Accel-Heal Technologies

Hear a patients perspective of living with a painful wound

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About the webinar

The webinar took place on 6 June 2023 in partnership with Accel-Heal Technologies Ltd about the subject of pain. The objectives of the session were:

  • To describe the different types of pain and how they are managed
  • To discuss the impact of wound pain on patients and their QOL which is often described as the worst thing about having the wound by patients
  • To discuss the incidence of wound pain, cost to the NHS of analgesics and the challenge of referring to pain clinics
  • Increase awareness of Electrical stimulation wound therapy and it’s specific benefits. Provide clinicians a clear picture of the types of wounds and patients that are relevant for it’s use
  • Provide a patients experience of wound pain and how new technologies have helped restore their quality of life
  • Drive interest in more pro-active pain wound management and alternatives to the heavy use of analgesics


Dr Amelia Swift, Reader in Health Professional Education, University of Birmingham, School of Nursing

Liz Ovens, Independent Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse

Sarah Gardner, Independent Tissue Viability Consultant & SoTV Vice Chair (Chair/Moderator)