Wound pain: can we do better?

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June 2023
Society of Tissue Viability
Lower Limb, Pain
Content types
Video, Webinar

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Hear a patients perspective of living with a painful wound

The Speakers

  • Dr Amelia Swift, Reader in Health Professional Education, University of Birmingham, School of Nursing
  • Liz Ovens, Independent Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse
  • Sarah Gardner, Independent Tissue Viability Consultant & SoTV Vice Chair (Chair/Moderator)

Learning Objectives

  • To describe the different types of pain and how they are managed
  • To discuss the impact of wound pain on patients and their QOL which is often described as the worst thing about having the wound by patients
  • To discuss the incidence of wound pain, cost to the NHS of analgesics and the challenge of referring to pain clinics
  • Increase awareness of Electrical stimulation wound therapy and it’s specific benefits. Provide clinicians a clear picture of the types of wounds and patients that are relevant for it’s use
  • Provide a patients experience of wound pain and how new technologies have helped restore their quality of life
  • Drive interest in more pro-active pain wound management and alternatives to the heavy use of analgesics