For most identities, colour along with the name and logo, forms some of the most easily recognisable elements – especially if you use your colours as boldly as we do.

Illustrative style

We can use our illustrations in a variety of exciting ways to help visually express our brand. Our illustrations are a key part of our brand and allow us to build recognition in a unique way rather than using photography alone.

Stand-alone illustrations

You’re welcome to use illustrations on their own. They make great, eye-catching graphics and help explain subject matters and ideas that a single image can’t always do. We have a core set of illustrations you can use, but you’re also welcome to create your own, the main thing to remember is that they’re mainly circular and can be used to explain concepts and ideas in a more abstract but engaging way.

We use our illustrations over the top of our brand colours to ensure people know they’re related to us. We can change up the coloured backgrounds and even the colours of the illustrations to suit the mood or type of communication that we’re creating. You can download illustration files below. Or if you’re only likely to ever use PowerPoint, there’s already lots of examples within the template for you to use.

Illustrations and photography

Sometimes you might wish to combine our illustrative style with our photography to bring the two together. This can be great for social media banners, posts or for telling interesting stories, or even for creating profile pictures for people.

Audience clapping at the annual conference | the society of tissue viability